Blogging for Lead Generation: 23 Best Ways to Generate Leads from Your Blog

Have you considered blogging for lead generation recently? Perhaps you already have a blog up and running, but it’s not helping you generate leads?

In any case, getting your blog to deliver you a flood of leads isn’t an extreme challenge.

First and foremost, you must have a thorough grasp of your target audience and their pain issues. The remainder is taken care of by solid content that addresses these issues, as well as utilizing ways to encourage your visitors to contribute their information.

Now, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all of this.

You don’t have to be, though, because we’ve compiled a list of techniques for bloggers to create leads from their blogs. We’ve also gone over the process of generating leads.

What is Lead Generation Process ?

Lead generation entails persuading interested or future clients, often known as leads, to provide you with their contact information. You may keep their information this way and nurture them to convert later.

To put it another way, lead generation is the initial step in guiding clients through the purchasing process. Once you have the lead’s contact information, you may guide them through the different phases of the purchasing process, such as awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion. Adsthrive is one of the best reliable Lead Generation Company in Bangalore, that helps you attract and acquire qualified leads.

On your blog, what is a good lead-to-visit conversion rate?

Many marketing experts feel that a respectable conversion rate is anywhere between 2% and 5%. But what about your traffic conversion rate (visitor to lead conversion rate)?

A solid lead-to-visit conversion rate isn’t characterized by concrete metrics in general. This is because conversion rates are almost always linked to corporate objectives and strategies. It’s nonetheless worth noting that visitor-to-lead conversion rates are often low for many firms.

What Methods Do Bloggers Use to Generate Leads?

The quick answer is with their material, or in simple terms, blog articles.

However, just because your lead reads good content doesn’t ensure they’ll act on it. Instead, bloggers must take efforts to urge people to act, such as encouraging them to submit their contact information so that they may be guided through the purchasing process.

So, what are these methods for persuading leads to share their information? Bloggers use a variety of strategies, such as including appealing calls to action (CTAs) in their blog articles, giving content upgrades and other freebies, using lead magnets, employing interactive content, organizing giveaways, and so on.

Lead generation can also be done with the help of lead generation companies . These companies are quite popular now and provide real time results. Adsthrive is one among the Best Lead Generation Service Providers in Bangalore.

23 Ways to Generate Leads from Your Blog

Are you curious about how other bloggers get leads from their blogs? Here’s a quick rundown of the strategies offered by our professional respondents:

1. Make useful lead magnets

Here’s how to go about making a great resource that your audience will want to download:

Find a pain area for your target audience that requires a thorough examination. Ideally, this will be a topic that will need at least several thousand words to thoroughly address (without the fluff).

Then write an amazing (and we mean genuinely fantastic) piece of content that tackles the problem and offers concrete solutions.

Put everything in a slick ebook format, ask for an email address to get the download link, and add them to your mailing list (asking permission first, of course).

2. Write about unique topics

Finding a knowledge or skill gap in the blogging world is the most efficient strategy to create leads from your blog. Once you’ve found a topic that hasn’t been too blogged about before, you’ll need to compose a magnificent 1000+ word blog article. This requires more investigation!

3. Make content that is useful

Provide accurate, actionable data. You’re doing it incorrectly if you solely think about generating leads when you write an article. Consider your prospects and what they require. Consider the questions they’ll be posing. After that, respond to the questions.

4. Create material for each of the funnel’s stages

Users at various stages of your funnel may be targeted based on their interests or sticking points. Even more crucial is delivering value after the visitor has arrived at your blog post; in other words, user intent is essential when it comes to generating leads. They will complete the action if you provide value.

5. Provide exclusive, encrypt material

Provide your readers with exclusive content: Attract readers with material that is more useful than free blog posts.

This entails giving value to your regular blog entries while also delving deeper with exclusive material. You may, for example, invite readers to register for a webinar, listen to a podcast, or join your online group.

6. Your sales staff can help you learn more about your target market

Make sure you’re on the same page as your sales staff. They interact with leads on a daily basis and are professionals in determining what worries or queries you should address in your content.

Utilize their knowledge to generate interesting content that is tailored to your target audience. Leads will be more likely to proceed through your sales funnel if they see you taking the effort to understand and answer their specific needs.

7. Upgrade your content

The single most successful technique to create more leads is through content upgrades, which are particular lead magnets or marketing offers related to the blog article they are reading.

The content upgrade concept is to make an offer that is relevant to the blog post’s topic and may and will provide more value. Adsthrive is a Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore aimed at helping you generate qualified leads, conversion and brand awareness.

8. Don’t use a keyword that is too specific

The most essential thing is to avoid being too specific with the keywords you use in your posts.

It’s not necessarily a good thing if your blog’s visit-to-lead conversion rate is high, because it suggests you’re being overly focused. Your blog should be a location where you throw a broad net to attract visitors to your site and, hopefully, persuade them to give you their email. Brand awareness is more important than instant conversions when it comes to getting visitors to visit your site. Don’t know which keyword is suitable for your business? Don’t worry hire Adsthrive , SEO Agency in Bangalore , to help you discover relevant keywords for your business.

9. For lead generation, use a chat widget

Here’s an example of the advantages of employing a chat widget: Having a one-on-one dialogue rather than a one-to-many conversation has helped us generate more leads from our blog. We may tailor the dialogue to what they’ve read and ask if they’d like more delivered to their email, or we can encourage them to take the first step. I wish we had started using our bot sooner.

10. On your blog, provide a hello bar

Using a ‘Hello Bar’ at the beginning of blog entries is one of the most successful strategies to get more leads from blogs.

Include an appealing call to action within the bars, such as acquiring unique material or offering an e-book, for example. For me, the bars have a conversion rate of roughly 6.25 percent, compared to having registration forms within a blog article, which has a conversion rate of less than 1%. The major reason for this is that most leads never read all the way through a blog article, which is why the ‘Hello Bar’ is preferred.

11. Make use of appealing optins

You’ll need enticing optins to get folks to join up.

Optin is a famous blogging community where bloggers are sorted by niche. When people sign up for an email list, they will be invited to join the private community. People who join the mailing lists get alerted about promotions, discounts, and new course releases.

12. A call to action should always be included (CTA)

It may seem self-evident, but you must have a CTA.

We notice a lot of bloggers creating fantastic material, but they don’t seem to be generating many leads from it. Why? Because they frequently fail to include any CTA (Call-to-Action) or just include CTA buttons at the conclusion of the article. So, what’s the solution? Include call-to-actions (CTAs) in the copy.

13. Make use of interactive content

Our blog is our primary source of lead generation, and we’ve found that employing interactive quizzes is the most effective technique. 

The nice thing about utilizing a quiz like this is that you don’t have to ask people for personal information upfront. Rather, when they’ve engaged with the quiz material, they’re prompted to share it at the conclusion, which leads to higher conversion rates.

14. Recognize the reason behind your audience’s search

It’s possible to create content that speaks to the bottom of the funnel by focusing on terms that represent search intent more closely connected with consumers who are ready to buy. Expanding on this, providing content for all phases of the funnel will speak more directly to your audience’s requirements and produce greater outcomes.

15. Use the appropriate keywords

Before deciding on a topic, do some keyword research. To rank and compete with your rivals, you’ll need to know what people are searching for and what material you need to supply.

To increase the number of leads generated by your blog, you’ll need to develop a solid SEO strategy that combines high-quality content with thorough keyword research. You may find hidden chances by doing the legwork and using keyword research tools, and then capitalizing on those opportunities by writing high-quality, keyword-informed content. To generate SEO strategies help can be taken from various SEO agencies, No.1 SEO Agency in Bangalore is Adsthrive.

16. Include a lead form in each of your blog entries

Consider adding a lead form (eventually with a lead magnet) or a form that allows visitors to subscribe to the newsletter to your blog articles to make them more like landing pages. It’s a terrific approach to convert visitors that arrive at your form as a result of your content marketing efforts.

17. Use social media to promote your blog’s content

Sharing your blog posts on social media is an efficient approach to getting more leads from your site. Despite the fact that social media is one of the finest channels for promoting your blog, it can be tough to stand out among the many other companies attempting to do the same thing.

It’s critical to make your content stand out and be more interesting. Users nowadays frequently swipe straight through content that demands a lot of reading because they lack the patience or time to become engaged. To make your content stand out and be more interesting , partner with Adsthrive, Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore.

18. Organize giveaways and surveys

This is another great strategy for generating leads through blogging. Surveys by giveaways.  Allow your readers to participate in some entertaining surveys in exchange for a chance to win great rewards. You’ll be able to collect more data and create more leads this way.

19. Quora can help you expand your blog’s audience

You discover pertinent questions and then provide as detailed an answer as possible, all while utilizing the response to persuade the reader to visit your site, either to find a solution to their problem or to learn more.

It’s possible to throw a lot of responses against a wall and see which ones stick, but you’ll often discover that a good answer will not only receive thousands of views but it may also be picked up by Google for various keywords. This opens up a slew of new possibilities for you.

20. Make a thorough resource and strongly promote it

We’ve discovered that focusing on one top resource that is hyper-relevant to the target audience and strongly promoting it throughout the content is the most effective strategy to create more leads for your blog. We have a free webinar that converts effectively, not only for readers but also for leads who become paying clients. As a result, we concentrate on advertising it in order to increase leads and income.

21. Pop-ups should be properly placed on your blog

Adding a pop-up blog sign-up is a great approach to increase your blog’s lead generation. After a few seconds of scrolling, create a pop-up window in the center of the screen. Encourage the reader to sign up for a blog newsletter or weekly notifications by asking for their email address.

22. Retargeting your traffic

We need to know if a lead understands direct response marketing and why it would be a good fit for them when qualifying a lead. So, using some UTM tags for monitoring, we send cold visitors to the blog article above. They’re then bombarded with retargeting advertisements that echo the major ideas of this post, encouraging them to subscribe to our newsletter or (just introduced) our Facebook group. Hire Adsthrive, The Top SEO Agency to help you retarget your traffic.

23. Useful tools should be incorporated within your content

Integrating useful tools into the content is one of the most successful ways we’ve discovered to create leads for a blog. Adsthrive Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore provides expert consultants for business.


This brings us to the conclusion of our list of ways for blogging for lead generation. In a word, lead generation is all about distributing incredibly helpful information, such as downloaded files, interactive quizzes, blog entries, and so on. Hire Adsthrive, The No.1 Lead Generation Agency in Bangalore to help you attract and acquire leads.