Meta launches paid verification service on Facebook

A subscription package for Facebook and Instagram creators is called Meta Verified. It contains:

  • Account Verification
  • Account impersonation prevention
  • Exclusive stickers
  • Extended reach and availability of human support personnel

When you subscribe on iOS and Android, a Meta Verified subscription costs $14.99 per month. Or, you can sign up online and pay $11.99/month. (Only Facebook users have access to the web version).

For the time being, brands cannot use Meta Verified; only individuals can.

In contrast, public figures, celebrities, and brands were the only ones who could access the original verified badges on Facebook, and they still can. If the accounts in question are noteworthy, they may still be eligible for the original style of verification (for example, they appear in news stories or are household names).

The verified badge for well-known accounts and the Meta Verified badge have the same appearance. Both receive the well-known blue checkmark. Both forms of verification show that a verification process has been carried out on the account.

However, the extra advantages offered by the Meta Verified bundle are not included with the original style of verification badge, which is free. A person can apply to Meta if they have the original verification style as a noteworthy profile.

In an effort to diversify away from ad revenue, Meta is the most recent social networking service to charge users for account verification. Twitter is another competitor.

Users will be able to join celebrities and other public figures in having a blue check that confirms their identity with the new Meta Verified service for Facebook.

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The benefits of Meta Verified include:

• A verified badge
A badge that states that you are who you say you are and that your account has been verified using a government ID and a selfie video. Meta Verified includes a verification process, as the name implies. Meta will give you a verified badge after verifying your identity with your government ID.
The verification badge given to “notable” accounts and this badge have the exact same appearance.

• Protection from impersonation
Proactive account monitoring for impersonators who might target people with expanding online audiences will increase protection from impersonation.

• Customer service
Access to a live person when you need assistance with a typical account issue. You will have access to live chat support provided by real people. According to Meta, this account support will handle the “most frequent issues.”

• Stars and stickers
Exclusive Stories stickers are only available to Meta Verified users on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, Facebook has unique Reels stickers.
You receive 100 stars each month on Facebook for “supporting other creators.” Facebook pays another creator $0.01 USD for each star you send them.

• Prominence in some areas of the platform, such as search, comments, and recommendations, resulting in increased visibility and reach.
There won’t be any changes to accounts on Facebook that have already been verified based on previous requirements. In the long run, Meta wants to create a subscription service that benefits creators, companies, and the entire community. They are advancing the definition of verified accounts on apps as part of this vision in order to increase access to verification and the level of confidence users have in the authenticity of the accounts they interact with.

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Building Safety from the Start

It’s crucial to have faith in the security of your identity, your accounts, and the veracity of the people you interact with. They are incorporating a number of checks into Meta Verified before, during, and after someone applies because of this.

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Who may get Meta Verification?

Application requirements for Meta Verified are as follows:
• Not a business or brand, but a genuine individual must be represented by your account.
• You must be at least 18 years old.
• You must be a resident of Australia, New Zealand, or the US.
• You must not disobey Instagram’s terms of service or the community guidelines, or Facebook’s terms of service or the community standards.
• Your full legal name, which must coincide with the name on your government-issued ID, must be used in your profile.
• Your face must be visible in your profile photo, which must also be the same as the image on your official ID.
• The use of two-factor authentication is required.
• You must have a history of prior postings (i.e., you cannot apply for a brand-new account).

How to Meta-Verify in 5 Easy Steps

It’s easy to apply for Meta Verified. Both the Facebook app and the Facebook website’s user interface let you do this.

Method 1:
From the Facebook app,  apply for Meta Verified.

Open Settings from your profile on Instagram or Facebook.

After selecting the Accounts Center, select Meta Verified.

It will say Meta Verified available if your account qualifies for it. Review the list of benefits by tapping the appropriate account name, then tap Continue.

Tap Pay now to set up or confirm your payment method.

Verify your information and upload a photo of your ID. Your ID must be the same as the name and photo associated with your Instagram or Facebook profile.

Method 2:
Utilise the Facebook web interface to apply for Meta Verified

Click the three dots icon to the right of the top menu on the Facebook profile you want to confirm.

To subscribe to Meta Verified, click here.

Your account may take up to 48 hours to be verified.

Once you’ve been verified, you cannot alter your account’s username, profile name, date of birth, or picture (unless you want to re-do the verification process).

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