Top 12 Tips for Google Ads Optimization

Know about the Top 12 Tips for Google Ads Optimization?

Top 12 Tips for Google Ads OptimizationFor most advertisers, getting the most out of every advertising dollar spent is a crucial element of using Google ads, and being a performance marketing agency we understand this very well.

If you are going to spend money on ads to reach your target demographic, make sure you put it where it will be most effective. That is, somewhere with a daily interaction rate of 4.8 billion and over 259 million unique visitors. 

What is Google Ads / Google AdWords?

Google Advertisements is a paid advertising platform that falls within the pay-per-click (PPC) marketing channel, in which you (the advertiser) pay per click or per impression (CPM) on an advertisement.

Google ads is a powerful tool for bringing qualified traffic, or people looking for items and services similar to the ones you offer. With Google ads, you can improve the number of visitors to your website, phone calls and in-store visitors.

Google AdWords help you to develop and share well-timed ads with your target audience (on both mobile and desktop). This means your company will appear on the search engine results page (SERP) when your ideal customers use Google search or google maps to browse for items and services similar to yours. Our Google AdWords Agency in Bangalore specializes in ROI focused campaigns to generate leads and sales from your target audience. Adsthrive, Top AdWords Company in Bangalore, with a team of experts are at your service to increase your advertisement reach to a great extent.  

Advertisements from the platform can also be seen on YouTube, Blogger and the google display network.

For google ads community experts, here are some ideas for effective advertising with google ads:

Focus on your advertising goals

Decide what your marketing goals are before you start constructing your ads strategy. Deciding what you want before you build your campaign, rather than after, helps guarantee that your target, budget and formats are as successful as possible and will help to set reasonable expectations for what you can expect from each of these campaign parameters. 

Top 12 Tips for Google Ads

What do you hope to accomplish by advertising online? Do you want more traffic to your website?

Having a rough notion of the outcomes you want can help you set your objectives. Then you may create specialized campaigns or test different techniques to help you achieve your objectives while staying within your budget.

You can specify a maximum monthly ad budget with Smart Campaigns and ad bids will automatically adjust to optimize results, helping you achieve your aim of increasing clicks.

  • One of the most popular advertising aims and objectives is to increase brand awareness.


  • They help potential buyers remember your brand.
  • They have an impact on customer decisions when it comes to items and services in your niche.
  • They boost your sales, customer retention and market share.
  • They aid in the development of your internal brand.

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Allocate budget on the basis of performance

If you are running many campaigns, make sure to provide more funding to those that perform well and help you achieve your business goals and less investment those that you are testing or that have a lower ROI. 

Set a monthly budget for google ads marketing and stick to it for a specific time. Google ads allows you to establish a daily budget restriction for how much of your budget is spent to show your ad and your daily budget may appear to be larger on some days. 

The “spending” column under the campaigns tab can be used to monitor your average daily budget in monthly terms rather than daily terms. Multiply your average daily spending by 30.4 to get your monthly budget.

Example :

Assume you have budgeted $100 every day to be shared evenly between two campaigns. One campaign may have less impressions and clicks than typical on a particular day, resulting in a total spend of only $40. With a shared budget, google ads might reallocate that $10 to the second campaign, maximizing your overall campaign results.

Understand your audience

Effective advertising often demands taking the time to think about the people who will view and respond to your commercials. Consider their individual requirements and queries and use your product information, ad language and other materials to address those needs and inquiries. The given below are Best practices for ad generation for app campaigns, display campaigns, search campaigns and smart shopping campaigns.

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Audience insights is a tool that shows you useful information about the people in your marketing lists to help you locate new audiences. Audience insights, for example, can help you locate audiences connected to your “all converters” remarketing list to widen your target or change your bids to better reach these high performing audiences if you are utilizing google ads conversion monitoring. 


  • Expand your ad group targeting by finding new and relevant consumers.
  • Your marketing list must have demographics, locations, devices and interests.
  • Make educated judgments on how to target your advertisements, how to set bids and more.
  • Use location targeting when applicable

For best location targeting and increased campaign effectiveness, use the advanced location options during and after the campaign creation.

If you run a small shop in your neighbourhood and want to attract more consumers, broadcasting your adverts across the country could eat up a lot of your budget without getting you any closer to the goal. To help you spend your budget more effectively, tweak your google ads targeting settings to show your ads only to the individuals searching close enough to visit, or in other locations that are crucial to your business. 

Prevent overexposure to your ads

Limit the number of times your adverts appear to the same users with frequency capping (available for display and video campaigns). This reduces the amount of time your clients and potential customers are exposed to your advertisement.

In the realm of advertising, nothing is worse than overkill. People become irritated when an advertisement or campaign is overexposed, to put it simply. Every business aims to raise brand awareness, expose their product to a wide range of channels and convert that exposure into valuable, paying consumers. This is accomplished by advertising across a variety of platforms, including digital space and artificial intelligence (AI).

Companies try to cover all bases by promoting their brands across many media, especially when a major event is approaching. When things are carried too far, this can be extremely successful but it can also have the exact opposite effect on customers.

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Target for relevance

You can show adverts alongside relevant material that your clients and potential customers are watching by using content targeting techniques like keyword, placement, or subject targeting. Consider audience targeting, such as demographic targeting, remarketing, bespoke audiences, and affinity audiences, which focus on the consumer rather than the page content for wider scale.

Observe to optimize

Make use of the observation setting if it is available. While the observation setting has no effect on who sees your advertisements or where they appear, it does allow you to track how well they perform for your chosen placements, subjects or audiences while your campaign is running. You can utilize the information in these reports to improve the performance of your ads.

When to use it?

If you do not want to narrow your campaign or ad group’s targeting any further but want to see how specific criteria perform with your advertising, use the “observation” setting. All search campaigns, as well as advanced advertiser’s display advertisements, should use the “observation” setting.
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When possible, try to combine campaigns of the same campaign type so that you have fewer campaigns to manage, monitor and plan for optimal budget allocation.

“Smart mode” is google ads’ simplest version. It was created to make the advertising process easier for businesses, so they can get better results and spend less time setting up and managing campaigns. 

In smart mode, every campaign is a smart campaign. Smart campaigns allow advertisers to select their business goals and the locations where they want to promote.

Use campaign types strategically

If showing a range of ad types in different areas would help you reach your business goal, consider using different campaign types. Learn about many campaign types available so you may select the ones that best align with your marketing. 

You can establish campaigns based on the areas of your website. This is a good technique to follow. These category names, also known as categories, can be used to organize your campaigns into product or service categories or themes.

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Bid with purpose

When smart bidding is appropriate and useful, utilize it. Smart bids are established in real time at the search term level for search campaigns and dozens of signals are used to set the ideal bid for other campaign types. 

The majority of users who are new to google ads use cost-per-click (CPC) bidding to pay for each and click. You set a maximum cost-per-click bid (max. CPC bid) with this option, which is the most amount you are ready to spend for a click on your ad.

Track conversions for quality

To improve the quality of your conversions, use conversion tracking and offline conversion tracking. When leads progress farther down the sales funnel, offline conversion monitoring assists you in tracking conversions. You can also combine google analytics and google ads to get more information.

Advertisers and ad networks can use conversion tracking to verify the quality of a source by knowing where an instal or purchase ( or really any other data point) came from. It also provides a greater knowledge of the campaign’s performance, which may be used to improve it in the future.

Test, test, test

To learn and then optimize, test, test, test. You can, for example, run ads for the same product with varied wording to discover which text or photos are most effective. You can also experiment with various targeting options. After that, you may optimize your advertising to contain the best performing elements based on the results of the testing. 

One of the most appealing features of google ads is the ability to track the success of your online marketing campaigns and then fine tune your ideas and budget as needed. This allows you to see what works and make changes as needed. 

How to Fix Disapproving Google ads?

If any of your ads are denied or limited, you will see “disapproved” or “eligible(limited)” in the “status” column, and the ad may not be able to run. Hover your cursor over the status of your ad to learn more about it, including the policy violation that is affecting it. 

Edit and resubmit your ad:

Follow the given steps
  • On the “ads and extensions” page, locate the ad or extension that needs to be fixed.
  • You will find “disapproved” or “eligible (limited)” in the status column.
  • To notice the policy breach, hover over the status.
  • Click to understand how to fix your ad, see the guidelines under the disapproval reason.
  • To edit your ad, click the pencil symbol edit setting, pencil icon.
  • Make any necessary changes to the ad or extension to ensure that it conforms with the guidelines.
  • Save the file. 
  • Your ad will be reviewed again automatically. For updates, go to the “ads and extensions” page and check the status of the ad.

Appeal policy decision (Top 12 Tips for Google Ads):

You can appeal the policy decision directly from your google ads account if you believe we made an error or have fixed your destination. Begin by going to the left-hand page menu and selecting ads and extensions. 

There are two options for appealing from here.

  1. How to appeal policy decisions from the “Ads and extensions” table:
    ◉ Choose the advertising to which you want to respond.
    ◉ Select edit from the top level menu.
    ◉ Appeal should be selected.
    ◉ You will get a notification indicating which ads are not eligible for         appeal if any of the ads you picked are not eligible.
    ◉ Select dispute decision or made changes to conform with policy       under “reason for appealing”.
    ◉ Select the ads you want to appeal under (appeal the following”.
    ◉ Submit the form. and proven results come together to propel your       online advertising success.
  2. How to appeal policy decisions from an ad’s “Status” column:
    ◉ Hover over the ad status in the “status” column of the ad you wish to challenge and select appeal.
    ◉ Choose dispute decision or made changes to conform with policy from the drop down menu under “reason for appealing”
    ◉ Choose which ads you’d want to challenge under “appeal the following”
    ◉ “Submit” is the last step

Check appeal status:

After filing an appeal, you may always check the status of the review in the policy manager.

  1. In the upper right corner of your account, click the tool icon google ads tools icon.
  2. Click policy manager under “setup”. 
  3. Details for any advertising you have appealed can be seen under the “appeal history” tab.
  4. The “status” column indicates whether the appeal is still pending or has been resolved.
  5. The “results” column displays the appeal’s outcomes, such as how many ads had their policy review status updated.

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About the ad review process: How does ad review work?

The review process begins automatically once you create or amend an ad or extension. Your title, description, keywords, destination and any images and video in your ad will all be scrutinized.

Your ads’ status will change to “eligible” if it passes the review and it will begin to run. If your ad is found to be in violation of a policy, its status will be changed to “disapproved”, which means it won’t be shown anywhere. You will be informed of the policy infringement and given instructions on what to do next.

Ad status is “under review”:

The status of the ad will be “under review” during the review process. The majority of advertising are reviewed within one business day, while some more complicated reviews may take longer. 

To guarantee the general stability of system operations, google has the right to prioritize and evaluations or re-reviews, or to temporarily restrict ad serving to ensure policy compliance. If your ad has been under review for more than two full business days, please contact us. We at the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore will guide and resolve your issue with quick results

How long does the ad review take?

The majority of advertisements are assessed within one business day. However, some reviews take longer if the advertisement necessitates a more in-depth analysis.

If your ad has been under review for more than two full business days, contact us.

To guarantee the general stability of system operations, Google has the right to prioritize ad evaluations or re-reviews or to temporarily restrict ad serving to ensure policy compliance.


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