Facebook-Google-Bing Ads: Who is winning the race?

Let’s get to know “Facebook-Google-Bing Ads: Who is winning the race?” The world of web advertisements has been dominated by the two search engine goliaths, Google, and Bing. They are closely followed by Facebook, the uncrowned monarch of social media networks.

In 2010, Google held around 92% of the market, and around 2019, it held an astounding 90%. Additionally, in 2010, Bing had a market share of 3.6%. By 2019, it had increased to about 4% Facebook dominates social media networks, holding a 65.8% market share.

A search engine-driven marketing platform called Google Adwords enables advertisers to target specific customers by displaying advertising based on keyword searches. Bing is the default search engine for Internet Explorer, which makes it easier for users and browser advertisers to connect. Facebook permits its marketers to use user demographic, geographic, psychographic, and interest-based data.

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Each of Google, Bing, and Facebook has its own proportion of regular users and employs a different advertising technique. Therefore, it is challenging to determine a clear winner.

Here in this blog, we will be thoroughly discussing Facebook, Google, and Bing ads; so let’s get started!

Overview of Google AdWords:

People are programmed to think of Google AdWords when they think about PPC. It makes sense because it is the most widely used PPC advertising platform worldwide. When people refer to “sponsored search,” they most likely mean Google AdWords, even if other online advertising systems operate in a very similar manner. Get guidance from the Best Google Ads Agency in Bangalore, Adsthrive.

You are aware that Google AdWords falls under the category of “paid search,” but what does that actually mean? In its most basic form, sponsored search uses text-based advertising that mimics other search results to target keywords and attract attention in order to increase reach and increase the number of clicks that lead to your website. In order to have your advertising appear in the search results for the terms that Google users are using to search for products and services like yours, you must bid on those words and phrases as an advertiser. Pay-per-click advertising means that you get charged a certain amount each time someone clicks on your advertisement.

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Overview of Facebook Ads:

In contrast to Google AdWords’ sponsored search strategy, Facebook Ads uses a paid social model. Yes, you are utilizing Facebook to advertise your company online, but that is the extent of the similarity.

Facebook Ads focuses on the interests and demographics of your potential customers rather than keyword and phrase bidding. As an advertiser, you will establish target audiences that you can use to display your advertising to people based on things like their online behaviours, their interests, and their demographics.

In other words, sponsored social helps new consumers find you and paid search helps you find new customers.

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Overview of Bing Ads:

Bing Ads, Microsoft’s answer to Google Ads, enables businesses to place advertisements on both the Bing search network and its affiliate networks. A search engine results page may have Bing Ads at the top, bottom, or side of the page (SERP). When a user conducts a search that matches a keyword, Bing compares the bids and ad quality of the competing businesses to determine which ad will appear on the SERP. Companies bid on specific key words that they believe customers will use in order to advertise. Companies may sync all of their Google Ad campaigns with Bing so that they can advertise their goods and services on both platforms, thanks to Bing.

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Which Elements Had the Biggest Impact on Ad Performance?

Researchers discovered that each of the major platforms for online advertising has its advantages:

  • On average, Facebook Ads was the most economical channel.
  • The most responsive ad network to rising ad spend was Microsoft Ads.
  • The most reach for the least money was offered by Google Ads.

How Facebook, Microsoft, and Google Ads CPM and CPC Differ:

Researchers discovered this link between the channel and cost KPIs, therefore they sought out the typical CPM and CPC across Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads:

Facebook, Google, and Bing ads: CPM and CPC are 3.1 & 0.15, 7.5 & 0.45, and 12.6 & 0.54.

What’s more?

Facebook ads are unique in that they are effective in raising brand awareness and at introducing new products to untapped markets. Facebook’s reach in terms of consistently engaging viewers with the most recent advertising content is unrivalled among social media platforms, with over one billion active users every day.

On the other hand, Google Adwords adopts a different strategy to target, re-target, and engage both new and old potential clients. A number of studies have demonstrated that Facebook ads frequently result in a switch to Google searches. Customers may wish to learn more about a product or service after seeing Facebook ads by conducting a Google or Bing search to do a little more research. Google leads all other search engines in terms of daily searches, with about 3.6 billion.

Each choice has advantages of its own and supports several businesses globally.

Instead of choosing just one option, businesses can maximise their reach by utilising the ad space on each of these platforms while concentrating on each one’s advantages. Connect with Adsthrive, Google Ads Lead Generation company to work with a highly experienced team to develop your ad and get a huge reach.

Which is the wiser choice between Facebook, Google, and Bing ads?

It is clearly obvious that Bing and Google compete on an unlevel playing field. Because of Bing’s users’ low CPC and strong purchasing power, we are frequently led to believe that it is superior to Google. But Google’s AI clearly beats Microsoft’s when it comes to whose platform is wiser. When compared to the Facebook ads platform, the Google ads algorithm outperformed Facebook’s as well.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are a huge help to search engines. It is the most cutting-edge technological advancement that produces precise and accurate outcomes. Google, Bing, and other well-known search engines were pitted against one another in an AI IQ test.

The outcomes named Google’s AI as the smartest of all. It supported the business’ dominance in the market for search engine platforms.

Although Google is intelligent, it is not as intelligent as people, thus this outcome is astonishing. Google may not appear to be any cleverer than a five-year-old. However, a high IQ plays a long part in the benefit when it comes to its unique role as a search engine. As a result, we can see how quickly search results may be pulled from even the most obscure parts of the Internet.

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Important Takeaways Learned from Comparing Facebook Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Google Ads:

  • For SMBs, Facebook is typically the most economical channel.
  • Positively sentimental ads perform better on Google Ads while negatively sentimental ads work better on Microsoft.
  • The most crucial conversion factor for landing pages was best practices, followed by SEO .
  • Few advertisers are making the most of their chances to convert, which leaves lots of room for ROAS to be increased through landing page optimization.

The bottom line:

Facebook is your best option if you have to choose between it and Google Ads to promote your SMB. And in the comparison of Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, Google offers a wider reach at a more affordable price. According to the discussion above, it can be concluded that Google may be the right choice for you!

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