How To Get WhatsApp Business API?

As WhatsApp doesn’t have a front-end interface or app, it is an application programming interface. It is intended for medium-sized to large businesses that want to utilize WhatsApp with a lot of users at once. Big firms are more complex, requiring business software to manage hundreds of communications arriving at once. Your company software can be connected to your WhatsApp account with the help of the WhatsApp Business API

But you should be aware of a few things regarding WhatsApp Business API. The WhatsApp Business API is not free, to start. Through one of WhatsApp’s authorized business partners, you must apply for an API account and go through an approval procedure.

The WhatsApp API provides a messaging window that is active each time a user sends a message to your inbox. There is a 24-hour window during which the company may freely respond to the client. Customers are limited to sending WhatsApp Template Messages, which are pre-approved messages with placeholders and CTA buttons, after 24 hours.

Do you have a WhatsApp Business API?

Get the WhatsApp Business API now with the help of the step-by-step guide with Adsthrive, Best Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore.

Step 1.

Use Facebook Business Manager to verify your firm.

As the initial step in configuring your WhatsApp Business API, you must link your Facebook Business account. Make sure you have these a few things in place first:

The display name you want to use for your WhatsApp Business number, as well as your company’s legal business name, address, and phone number.

Before beginning the process, make sure you have the phone number you intend to use for the WhatsApp Business API ready. Please be aware that the number you offer for WhatsApp Business API cannot be used by any other WhatsApp products, such as the WhatsApp standard account or a WhatsApp Business App.

Step 2.

Using Facebook Business Manager, create a WhatsApp business account.

After deciding which Facebook Page to utilise for your WhatsApp Business API, you must choose a new name for your WhatsApp Business account. Simply enter your company name, choose the appropriate time zone, and press “Continue.” Facebook will begin processing the information needed to create your account. In order to set up your WhatsApp Business Profile, click “Go to Step 2.” The display name you want to use for your business on WhatsApp must be provided in this stage in order to set up your WhatsApp Business Profile.

The WhatsApp Business rules should be followed when choosing your display name. Please be sure to include the website to indicate that it is the same business if your display name differs from your business name. The next step is to select your company’s category from the selection.

Step 3.

The compatibility of your company with the WhatsApp Terms of Service and WhatsApp Commerce Policy will be examined.

Although it is an automatic process, you may check by going to the Settings page in Business Manager and selecting WhatsApp Business Account. Now let us move to the 4th and the final step!

Step 4.

If the verification process is successful, add a phone number and the display name of your company.

You must enter the phone number you want to use for the WhatsApp Business API in the final step. Please be aware that the phone number you enter here should not be connected to an active WhatsApp account, if it is.

The OTP verification method, which can be accomplished by voice call or text message, must then be chosen.

You must enter the one-time verification code here after receiving it, and then click “verify.” The WhatsApp Business API will be linked to your phone number. Your WhatsApp Business profile, business account, and verified business number have all been successfully set up.

It takes time to apply for WhatsApp Business API, but with the correct provider’s assistance, the procedure can go smoothly. Adsthrive, Social Media Advertising Agency can help you with the procedure hassle free. 

However, the value you can gain from interacting with leads and clients in their preferred settings and with quicker response times is absolutely worth the wait. After all, WhatsApp has the largest and most active user population of all messaging apps! You should be sending messages or even making phone calls from this place.

Hence, a WhatsApp integration API is the way to go whether you want to use WhatsApp to generate leads, offer customer support, or promote user engagement utilizing a combination of live agents and chatbots.

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