Top 15 App Store Optimization Hacks in 2023 

An app requires a lot of work to make. It takes a large investment of time, money, and labour. Sadly, it is insufficient. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your app is if no one knows about it.

With each passing year, the number of Android apps in the Google Play store and the number of iOS apps in the Apple App Store increases. You want your app to be a true hit in the crowded app industry.

You’ll need to raise your profile and promote downloads if you want to survive. When times are tough, you must make room for yourself. Get the recognition that your app merits.

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How can I go about doing that?

So if you’re wondering how to get your app noticed, you’ve come to the correct place. The secret is to use efficient App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques for the iOS App Store as well as Google Play.

You can learn all the tips for App Store Optimization that will certainly help you. Consequently, let’s get going right now.

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What is App Store Optimization?

The app store is crowded. In the global app market, where 5 million apps compete for the same users, you can’t rely on luck to help your app get found.

ASO is a crucial component of your app’s marketing strategy. Its goal is to make an app more noticeable in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you don’t have a strong ASO strategy in place, your app won’t get very far.

App store optimization is the process of raising an app’s ranks and discoverability. Even if you shouldn’t stop there when you find it, it’s important to persuade users to download the app.

Once you reach the app’s landing page, you should promote downloads, upgrades, and in-app purchases.

This necessitates the use of various ASO optimization approaches, also referred to as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). It addresses a variety of subjects, such as creating intriguing titles, including enough descriptions, choosing appropriate categories, using powerful keywords, and sharing excellent screenshots.

Why is ASO crucial?

An app’s ranking increases as it appears to users to be more relevant. Additionally, they save time by not having to scroll through search results. The rank directly affects the number of downloads, so the higher the rank, the more downloads.

According to research, ASO is responsible for 68% of all new app discovery. When used properly, it offers the benefits listed below:

  • The app is easier to explore.
  • Additional traffic flows
  • An increase in users
  • Improves natural downloads
  • Increase of the user base
  • Revenue rises as CTR does
  • Lowers the cost of user purchases
  • Help your mobile business expand

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Top 15 App Store Optimization Hacks:

• Use relevant keywords
Finding the appropriate keywords for your target audience is crucial.

You must identify the keywords that your potential clients are using, ideally along with those of your main rivals.

Customers will locate your software on the app store more readily if you use keywords that are relevant to their needs.

Use only terms that are relevant to your app; otherwise, your rating will suffer.

Use a term in only one form.

Avoid using the phrase “app” or the brand names of your rivals in your keywords.

We advise beginning with Google Keyword Planner for assistance with keyword research before moving on to app store optimization tools.

Optimise Your Description & Title
The most crucial piece of metadata you can employ to increase downloads is the title.

Make an effort to keep your title under 20-25 characters so that it appears in its entirety on the app browse screen. To promote downloads, a title should be memorable as well. Your app will be simpler to find if you use the name of your business and your primary keyword.

After selecting your title, try looking for your app. If thousands of results are returned, your title isn’t original enough.

The first 250 characters of the description should contain as many pertinent keywords as feasible. Any further information requires the potential customer to click “learn more” before proceeding.

Incorporate Powerful Icons & Screenshots
You can gain an advantage in the app store by using eye-catching images.

Select an app icon that will be memorable for your brand and be simple to recognise. To avoid confusing potential clients, try to pick colours that are different from those of your top competitors.

Don’t cut corners on them because most users will review your screenshots before deciding whether to download. We advise making use of all the screenshots that the marketplace will let you upload.

To make your screenshots look polished and aesthetically pleasant when combined, use a bright template. The text shouldn’t take centre stage. Include graphic elements that demonstrate how your app is superior to that of the competition.

Add video
A video on the website for your app can boost downloads by 35%.

More than just your title and your visuals’ (30%) optimization may be seen in this considerable boost. Your ranks rise in tandem with every increase in downloads.

Upload a video showcasing your app’s most useful function because most users want to look for and download apps quickly.

potential leads want and that is compatible with your business.

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Do Some Competition Research
While knowing your rivals and their business strategies is crucial for every successful company, it is more crucial in ASO.

You should choose the ideal category for your app before adding it to the store.

Consider the following while selecting a category:

The quantity of rivals

How many applications are regularly updated

How well-liked a category is (in downloads)

You must regularly check the best performing apps in your selected category after you have added your app to the app store. Check to see whether adding a keyword or changing their metadata affects their ranking.

Make every effort to rank new keywords before your rivals can. Additionally, you should keep an eye out for rivals who use the same top keywords as you do as well as apps with similar features and goals.

Create backlinks
Your app should be actively connected on websites that are pertinent to your app and have authority in accordance with Google’s current algorithm guidelines in order to build the best backlinks.

The ALT (ALTernative Text) tag can be used to create backlinks in both text and image form.

Although there is some debate on the value of backlinks in terms of ASO, it is clear that quality over number is the best strategy for backlink success.

Drive Downloads and Traffic to Your App Store Page
You may send visitors directly to your app store pages by hosting your app information on a website that is SEO optimised.

By using this website for your app, you may improve your Google ranking and give people who are just performing a simple online search another way to find and download your app.

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Maintain regular app updates
The App Store will actively promote your app in search for the first 72 hours following the upgrade.

A few users prefer to download an app that is updated every few months because they pay attention to the frequency of updates. Frequent updates demonstrate the developers’ caring for the software and desire to improve it.

Try to make your application smaller
Many smartphone users try to conserve space, thus they would prefer an app that uses less room. Additionally, Wi-Fi is required to download any programmes larger than 200 MB from the App Store.

Try making your app smaller to encourage more users to download it. Check to see if you can get rid of any unused SDKs from the app. As a final resort, you can upload a lightweight version of the software to Google Play or the App Store.

Increase the size of the search results by using in-app purchases in the App Store
The placement of in-app purchases in search results helps the app to occupy more space in the App Store. You will get more opportunities to promote your app and encourage users to sign up for the trial period with their assistance.

Localise text for several languages on icons and images
Users react more positively to text that is written in their language. This is one of the underrated strategies. Do give it a go!

Avoid using the same words in the App Store’s primary and secondary localizations
The same word shouldn’t be used twice in various localizations. This obstructs ranking and takes up additional space.

From two or three queries, try to create more key phrases
When optimising for the App Store, ASO experts should use 2-3 search queries to generate as many key phrases as they can. As a result, select keywords for the fields labelled “Title,” and “keywords” that will enable you to produce the most key phrases.

Avoid using stop words in the App Store’s app metadata
Stop words do not offer any extra meaning and do not require the addition of metadata because the App Store already accounts for them. Although they will take up space, these terms have no bearing on how apps are indexed. The whole list of stop words is shown in the image.

Apply Google Ads and Apple Search Ads knowledge to your ASO
For ASO, Google Ads can be quite helpful. Using this tool, you can uncover keywords that are not being utilised by your rivals as well as broaden the semantic base of your app and evaluate how users respond to various text possibilities. Grow revenue and improve conversions with the best app optimization hacks provided by the No.1 App Optimization Agency in Bangalore, Adsthrive.

The bottom line:

ASO mastery takes time to achieve.

However, you will be happy with the advancement you can make if you put in a little time each day working on your app store optimization checklist.

Once you are satisfied with the level of traction your app is achieving, you can start pushing it through paid advertising in order to further benefit from ASO and grow the market share of your app.

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